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Looking for new talents? Our talentpool helps companies find the perfect match.

Looking for a new job? Our talentpool helps you unleash your full potential.

Our vision is to create success for job seekers and employers.

Welcome to Sellma Talents, where we revolutionize the hiring process by putting the spotlight on strengths, motivation, and experience rather than ethnicity or gender. At Sellma Talents, all our candidates remain anonymous, ensuring that their identity does not overshadow their skills. We believe in a hiring process that is unbiased and focused on the true essence of a candidate's potential. 

 Every profile on our platform is a true reflection of the individual, showcasing their skills, motivations, and experiences with total honesty. 

Sellma Talents makes recruiting talent easier than ever before. Embrace a hiring process that is efficient, unbiased, and focused on the core qualities that matter. 


What sets us apart is our dedication to authenticity. We conduct in-depth personality tests and interviews for all the candidates featured in the Sellma Talentpool. Every profile on our platform is a true reflection of the individual, showcasing their skills, motivations, and experiences with total honesty. The session also helps the individual to remember who they are and what they actually love to do. 

Focus on strengths and attributes

At Sellma Talents, all our candidates remain anonymous. We believe in a hiring process that is unbiased and focused on the true essence of a candidate's talents, attributes and potential.

The future of recruitment

In the future, personal qualities will play a much larger role than specialized knowledge, driven by the increasing influence of AI. Knowledge can always be taught, but interest, motivation and the right qualities need to be there from the start. 

Value-based recruitment

Values play a pivotal role in recruitment as they serve as a compass guiding organizations toward individuals whose principles align with the company culture. When shared values are prioritized in the hiring process, it fosters a cohesive and harmonious workplace, enhancing employee satisfaction, engagement, and long-term commitment.

Do you want to get to know the people behind Sellma Talents? Read more here!


All our candidates have undergone personality assessments for self-development. Our talents are passionate highly educated women and men of different ages who are ready for the next step, or a 180, in their career. The complete personality assessment is available to all companies, completely free of charge, under the read more button. Contact us to get the candidate's full CV and contact information (890 euro + VAT per candidate). 

Recruiting doesn't get any easier than this! Allow us to handle the challenging task of selecting the talent that aligns with your company's needs and values. When you purchase the information, we will also provide you with a comprehensive briefing about the candidate. 

Are you unsure if a candidate is what you're looking for? Feel free to give us a call for a discussion before making a purchase decision.


We're happy to recommend suitable talents for your needs. 


🇫🇮 🇸🇪 

Health nurse with a passion for photography and a degree in visual arts. 

Location: Vaasa, open to traveling for work

Looking for: A job with room for creativity.

This talent has a passion for the process of creation and initiation. They are a natural competitor with themselves, constantly taking innovative steps towards the new and unique. In work environments, they uplift and motivate others, recognizing and promoting their talents.Whether absorbed in solitary pursuits or collaborating with a group, this person thrives in the present moment, where their persistence shines. This is an ideal candidate for any team in the visual industry or in the health sector  seeking a versatile and innovative contributor. 


🇫🇮 🇸🇪 🇬🇧

Head of sector Early Childhood Education since 2010, combined with 

Head of the Education Sector since 2022.

Location: Pietarsaari region, Hybrid

Looking for: "I want to work with leadership".

Excelling in conflict resolution, crisis management, and community building, this individual is a peacemaker with a talent for staying calm in the midst of ongoing challenges. Their open heart and friendliness make them empathetic and compassionate to coworkers. Driven by a hunger for new experiences, they approach tasks with a determined, stubborn attitude, thriving in environments that allow freedom and experimentation. With a natural ability to predict future problems and a love for planning, they are a forward-thinking, inspiring leader with strong communication skills and innovative ideas.


🇸🇪 🇬🇧

Studying full-time to become a certified stress therapist.  

Location: Pietarsaari region, distance

Looking for: Seeking part-time employment in promoting mental well-being among adults and young adults. “I want to support people in their mental health and be the person who listens to the big and the little things”

With a holistic view of the individual, this candidate is inspired to learn about and practice different methods in working with mental health promotion. This candidate possesses strong educational qualifications and an exceptional visual memory. They excel in organized and detailed communication, demonstrating the ability to explain complex concepts effectively and wholeheartedly. The candidate's standout talent lies in identifying societal issues and effectively communicating opinions that contribute to a better future. Motivated by these abilities, they are driven to work in promoting mental health among adults.



🇸🇪 🇬🇧 🇩🇪

Key Account Manager 

Location: Pietarsaari region, I like to travel for work!

Looking for: A job where I can utilize my skills in building strong relationships, networking and communicating. Sales interest me a lot! For me, it's more about the people than the product itself. 

The essence of this talent lies in their ability to perform and deliver on promises with great loyalty, enthusiasm, attention to detail and warmth. This talent can seamlessly adapt to meet different people in various roles, utilizing their warm approach and flexible identity. They are good at building solid relationships, and want to work hard with people who are driving towards a common goal. When committed to a task, they like to repeat what they are doing until they master the subject or the art with great detail. This is a person who wants to respond to the needs of society and build something of higher value. They are logical, friendly and practical with an ability to truly inspire with their outlook. When their heart is in it and the deal is clear, this is a person who gives their all and keeps their promises. If your company requires a professional with experience in sales and project management within the technical engineering field, as well as a proficiency in predicting future scenarios based on available data, please read on!

For talents

Unlock your full potential and get discovered for your strenghts!

Let the job search become a fulfilling inner journey that helps you reach your full potential. For job seekers we offer our highly valued Awaken service which not only helps you to better understand your strengths and areas of development, but also makes you visible to recruiters in our talent pool!

Awaken your inner potential!

And get discovered for who you truly are and what you actually love to do!

The Awake service includes: 

  • Human Design reading (1 hour) with focus on your strenghts and potential 

  • Job interview and career coaching with deep open questions about what you truly love to do for work

  • A selling and authentic text about your strengths, personality traits and work experience based on Human Design chart and interview. 

  • visibility in Talentpool (6 months)

380 euro

Are you satisfied with your current workplace?

Expand your personal touch!

We offer Talent Coaching and Personal Branding for entrepreneurs and employees. Our EXPAND services help you reach your full potential, evolve in your approach to work, or strengthen your personal brand. We help you reach your full potential and develop in your work. Learn more about these services below.

Get to Know Us

Imagine combining the impact and branding brilliance of the Marketer and Entrepreneur Viktoria Forsberg with the potential-unlocking guidance of Human Design reader Elin Borgmästars! Whether you're looking to redefine your personal brand, embark on a journey of self-discovery or looking for the right talent for your company this dynamic duo has you covered. Read more about the visionaries behind Sellma Talents in the section below!

Elin Borgmästars

Let the journey to your most authentic self begin! 

Allow us to introduce you to the remarkable Elin Borgmästars, a visionary force in the realm of human potential. Armed with a Masters degree in Developmental Psychology and two years of in-depth studies in Human Design Elin is on a mission to illuminate the unique brilliance within every individual. As a master observer and listener, she attunes herself to the nuances of others' emotions, seamlessly diving below the surface. Clients hail her as an inspiring presence, capable of seeing the untapped potential within. Her mission is crystal clear: to uplift the potential in others and ignite the flames of inspiration. 

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Viktoria Forsberg

Marketing visionary and snacking revolutionary

Allow us to introduce you to the impactful entrepreneur and founder of four successful brands, Viktoria Forsberg! Viktoria is an innovative  marketing, branding and employer branding specialist with over two decades of experience in the marketing field. Viktoria is the founder and driving force behind the revolutionary full-snack producer Wild&Berg and the owner of V Forsberg Consulting and Lissn Consulting. Viktoria's secret weapon? The art of branding and personal branding, woven into the fabric of every venture she touches. 

With a wealth of recruiting experience, Viktoria understands the critical role of recruitment in building successful companies. Even the most known brand in the world needs the right talents to evolve.

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